Episode 41: Yeti Press or Not Here RJ Casey, Andrea Bell, and Kevin Budnik Come

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It’s the first episode of 2014!  And you get three guests for the price of one.  (Take that holiday deals!)  In all this hubbab with the “big two” comic enterprises, one can forget what awesome comics can be found right in your backyard.  These local talents include RJ Casey, Andrea Bell, and Kevin Budnik of Yeti Press.

Yeti Press is a small Chicago comic book publisher founded by RJ Casey and Eric Roesener who’s primary goal is to put out the best comics the can come across.  These two seek out fluid artwork and engaging stories that offer humor, action, drama and generally keeping you wanting more.  Basically, they want to bring back the fun in comics (because fun should be in the spelling somewhere).  RJ’s recent writings include Pecos (also featuring the illustrating skills of Eric), Begginer’s Luck, and Party Sub.   Two of their recognized contributors include Andrea Bell and Kevin Budnik.  Kevin also lent his drawings to Party Sub as well as Our Ever Improving Living Room and several Yeti Press Anthologies.  And, of course, there’s Andrea, the newest contributor to the team.  Their highly successful kickstarter allowed Andrea to publish her dark but lovable comedy, Rose from the Dead.  Here about these and all their inspirations from childhood to now, and Yeti Press’ plans for the future!

SPOILERS: Lots of Nickelodeon Knowledge, Internet Identities Long Forgotten, SPACE!, The Revival of Ska Music, and the Perfect Evening with the Ultimate Compatriot.

Yeti Press

RJ Casey

Andrea Bell

Kevin Budnik

Contact them if you would like to have any of your works published!



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